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How KITSEN Aluminum Formworks Dismantled Onsite - 2021/02/07 14:37:32
Formworks Dismantling
Dismantling Order:Special Parts which are hard to dismantle——Wall/Column——Beam——Slab Formworks
Dismantling Time:

- 12-24 hours after pouring concrete, dismantle drop-pond (at kitchen/bathroom), staircase cover panel, canopy parts 
- After formworks panels was dismantled, clean them immediately, brush release agent to prepare for the 2nd floor use. 

- 12-24 hours after concrete pouring, to dismantle the wall/column formworks. 
- Dismantle plumbing brace - aligners - clean the waste concrete, transferring the panels to upper floor through the panel whole on slab,

3.  Beam Side panels
- 12-24 hours after concrete pouring, to remove the beam side panels by order. and transfer to upper floor in order.

4.  Beam Bottom Formworks
- 36-48 hours after pouring concrete, to dismantle the beam bottom formworks
- Before removing the beam bottom formwork, make sure transfer all the wall, column formwork panels, aligners, plumbing brace and other accessories up to the upper floor
- Prop head of the beam is used to carry the load and cannot be removed, nor can it be shaken and displaced, so as to minimize the collision.
- The removal of the formworks panels shall not damage the embedded pipe of hydropower.

- 36-48 hours after pouring concrete, to remove slab formworks 
- Before removing the slab formwork, make sure other formworks panels was removed to the upper floor.
- When dismantling the slab formworks, start with the slab beam, open the lock between the beam and panels first. When removing the beams, remove the panels part by part. The prop head are used to carry the slab concrete and cannot be removed, nor can it be shaken and displaced, to minimize collision.

6. Slab formworks connection Angle.
- After dismantled the slab formworks panels, to remove slab formworks connection angle.
- Forbidden to stand under the dismantling area.

7. Dismantle the Staircase formworks panels.

8. Formworks panels cleaning and transferring.
- Once panels dismantles, clean them immediately. 
- Transfer the panels from the transferring holes. 
- Put the panels in order for formworks installation.


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