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KITSEN - Creating Value

KITSEN has been actively committed to providing quality formwork and scaffolding products for over 20 years. Since it was founded in 1995, our people has been earnestly practicing the guiding principle to create values for customers and help customers succeed.

Quality is a major concern for construction industry. With comprehensive knowledge of scaffolding and formwork manufacturing as well as application. KITSEN QC team is implementing stringent quality system from incoming material, in-process control till final finished goods before shipment. Mistake-proof measures and gauges are also widely applied throughout entire production process.

All KITSEN employees are endeavoring to fulfill the guiding principle on a day-to-day basis and help customers in every way that we can. This shapes the core culture of our enterprise and enables us to grow together with customers.

Quality Assurance System

*Supplier Auditing

We perform quality audits on our suppliers to verify that they meet with quality standards.

*Material Incoming Inspection

There will be full inspection for all materials from suppliers, only the approved part can be accepted and for production use. The failed part will be return to relative suppliers with records.

*Root Cause Analysis

Quality issue discovered, if any, it is investigated for its root cause. All quality issues are recorded for an accurate account. Corrective action will be made to address the root cause.

*Raw Material Verification

We require all raw materials come with mills certificates. We also require the primary components tested a third internationally certified laboratories. Testing verification that verifies raw material grade by Chemical analysis and Physical properties testing is the most critical component of quality control.

*Products or Equipment Tracking Number

All scaffold products or equipments should be stamped with tracking numbers that can track the month/year of manufacturing, from which batch number and worker was made.

*In Process Inspection

Each production process has its own Quality control inspector, who is responsible for the quality of that department.

Each QC is instructed not to pass on quality issues to the next process. They have the authority not to allow full production to begin until they have verified the first parts meet the standard and they have the authority to halt production if a quality issue appears.

*Factory In House Test

We provide in-house testing to verify product quality. It allows for critical factors of quality to be tested consistently.

These tests include Flaring and Flattening testing to verify welding quality, Load Testing to verify material strength, Salt Spray test and Galvanize thickness Gauges to verify surface quality. Frame/Prop/Jack Screw Testing Platform. Applicable for loading testing of these products.

*Third Party Inspection

Third party inspection is welcome to offer for the final product before shipment. This inspection team is from the independent third international inspection team, like SGS, Asia Inspection, T.U.V., and so on. They serve as a second tier of protection to prevent quality issue from leaving the factory.

*R & D Support

We have a strong R&D team to support quality control, quality issue overcome, technical and production process improvement, technical support to our clients.

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