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Quick Early-stripping Slab Formwork - Fastform

Quick Early-stripping Slab Formwork - Fastform

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    T/T 30% deposit payment before manufacture, and 70% balanced payment against B/L Copy.
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    Shenzhen, China
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  • Early-stripping Slab Formwork for concreting of constructions comprising beams, slab and columns comprises several rectangular standard formworks, props with multiple early-stripping support mechanisms , several filler beams and filler panels.

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1. Product Description:

KITSEN Early-stripping Slab Formwork is an advanced aluminum panel-prop-formwork system which allows early stripping operation.

2. Product Parameters:

1) Product Name: Kitsen Fastform System

2) Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, Birch Plywood

3) Specification(mm) of Panel: 1800×1200mm (various size for selecting)

4) Specification(mm) of Filler Beam: 1800/1200/900/600mm (various size for selecting)

5) Specification(mm) of Truss: 1800×600mm (various size for selecting)

6) Basic Components: Panel, Filler Beam, Crown, prop, Lock Pin, Truss, Guardrail Post, 7) Disassembly Tool, Cantilever Support Brace, With Transverse Beam,

8) Fastform Formwork Height: No Restriction, Can be adjusted by Changing the Prop

3. Product Details:

4. Advantages:

1) Fast &Efficient

- Modular components, beam and panel are made of aluminum which is light enough to erect, strip and disassemble.

- One worker can assemble 27m2 per hour, and dismantle 54 m2 per hour.

- Allowable concrete thickness ≤300mm.

- Birch plywood thickness:10mm.

2) Safe&Reliable-Stable system with 6-direction locking restrictions

3) Simple-Only three basic components: panel, crown, prop

5. Product Assembly Description:

1) Check that all components are on site, undamaged and that they are functioning correctly – (refer to Checklist and Quantity Schedules).

2) Damaged or incorrect components shall not be used.

3Make sure the panel is clean before assembly.

4) Handle panels with care during transit, avoid bumping and collision.

5) Do not hit, pry and drop panels roughly when stripping.

6) Assort and pile up panels properly. Handle panels with care.

7) Keep in mind that the maximum safe working load capacity is 13.75KN/ m2 per square meter.

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