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High Efficiency Self-Climbing Scaffolding System

High Efficiency Self-Climbing Scaffolding System

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  • Self-climbing Scaffolding System comprising a support rail fixable to a surface adjacent an edge of a structure.

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1. Product Description:

Successive structure self-climbing scaffolding system is suitable for high-rise buildings and super high-rise shear wall structures. Electric hoisted self-climbing scaffolding system integrated with the climbing mechanism makes for one-time installation and lifting. Also its built-in safety screen design can effectively prevent workers and objects falling when operating.

2. Product Parameters:

1) Product Name: Kitsen Climbing Scaffolding

2) Width: 0.6m

3)Height:  ≤ 5 floors  

4)Guide Rail Span: ≤7.0m(broken line & curve ≤5.4m)  

5)Span&Height:  ≤110m2

6)Weight: 2.0 ~ 3.5 Tons

7)Allowance Loading Capacity: 3x2& 2x3 KN/m2

8)Elevation speed: 120mm/min

9)Elevation Hoist Rated Tonnage: 7.5 tons

3. Product Details:

4. Advantages:

1) Modular Structure. Main climbing frame composed of metal screen, adjustable vertical frame and keel plate.

2) Structure design is reasonable, full protection, excellent fire proof function. Easy to install and dismantle.

4) Wide ranges of applications. Great saving on Labor and material.

6) Wall attached device integrates anti-drop function, tilt prevention and guide into one. Good of fall protection and tilt prevention performance.

7) Computerized control system offers an easy and clear on-site control management.

8) Control system is designed with overloading auto alarm and stop functions.

5. Product Assembly Description:

1) Check that all components are on site, undamaged and that they are functioning correctly – (refer to Checklist and Quantity Schedules). Damaged or incorrect components shall not be used.

2) The weight of each electric hoist normally could not exceed 3.5T(not including wall attached device).

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