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Easy Install Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Easy Install Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

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  • Aluminum Scaffolding Tower has only two principal component variations, which when used in conjunction with a scaffolding platform enable a safe and simple construction method to be adopted.

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1. Product Description:

KITSEN light weight aluminum scaffold tower is replacement of conventional steel scaffold method for access platform and requires lesser labor only two persons needed.  TUV certified aluminum scaffold tower comprises 4 main components which are frames, boards, braces, and stabilizers. Adjustable aluminum scaffold tower can function as a single tower for a short time, or a massive scaffold for an extensive period, we have the solution for your access needs.

2. Product Parameters:

1) Product Name: KITSEN Aluminum Scaffold Tower

2) Material:  Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6

3) Size:  Single Width (0.75m x2m), Double Width (1.35m x2m)

4) Tower Height: 1.98m-13.1m

5) Platform Height: 2.98m-14.1m

3. Product Details:

4. Advantage:


- High Loading Capacity: 1000kg per complete structure (including the aluminum tower weight)

- 200kg/m2 per platform for evenly distributed load

- Approval Received:TUV, SGS, VUZ.

2)Light  Weight

- Manufactured with aluminum 6061-T6

- Easily to be handled by a single worker


- Compared to steel scaffold, full aluminum structure ensures no risk of corrosion

High Recycle Rate

- The used aluminum material is of greater recyclable value 40%, which is 35% higher than steel.

4)Versatile Applications

- Indoor and Outdoor Decoration, Cleaning, Maintenance for Exhibition Hall, Office Building, Hotels, Other buildings.

5. Product Assembly Description:

1)Check that all components are on site, undamaged and that they are functioning correctly – (refer to Checklist and Quantity Schedules). Damaged or incorrect components shall not be used.

2)Check if the ground on which the mobile access tower is to be erected and moved is capable of supporting the tower.

3)The safe working load is 272kgs, per platform level, uniformly distributed up to a maximum of 1000kgs, per tower (including self weight).

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