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Technical Service

KITSEN engineering team is missioned to provide most economical product designs and practical project solutions. With our wide range of formwork and scaffolding systems as well as professional engineering services, we help our customers to realize their products innovations and construction plans in a safe and efficient manner, therefore increasing the cost-effectiveness.

Technicial Service: KITSEN Fastform Slab Formwork

1. Analyze the drawings according to the architectural drawings provided by the customer.

2. Based on the rules of KITSEN Fastform slab formwork system, and make the product and accessories list.

3. Robot welding

4. Automatic surface spraying production line

5. Packing and loading

7. On-site installation: a group of 4 people, the installation speed reaches at least 80 ~ 100m2 /one person / per day

8. Floor layout reinforcement and pipe

9. Surface of adjustable steel support early demolition

10. Appearance of formwork after dismantling

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