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How to make the construction easier - 2021/02/24 11:21:26
                        ------KITSEN 3D early-stripping system
The new 3D formwork system integrates the construction technology for both early stripping and horizontal shoring .It can realize the early stripping and 3 dimensional direction adjustment.

According to construction progress,1 floor formwork with 3 floor or even with 2 floor shoring can ensure both continuous construction and accelerate formwork being reused.

High strength steel beams, strong loading capacity bearing concrete thickness:150mm-600mm.Longer span, good reliability.

2,High Efficiency
Easy erection, lay and set components ,no bolt needed for connection .The construction speed can reach 20-30 square meter/person /day.

Good concrete forming quality , no need plastering.

Constriction timing guarantee, 5 days a floor , save labor cost and management cost.
No plastering cost , including material and labor cost of plastering process.
High reuse time steel beams , less new panel cost.

This system can save more cost and bring bigger profit for construction and has been widely used in China and oversea.


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