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KITSEN TUV Certified Aluminum Tower Scaffolding - 2019/02/14 12:11:52

Mankind is making progress, science and technology are innovating. People's life rhythm is getting faster and faster, we are in a rapid development era. A slight neglect will leave you behind. But remember, no matter what industry you are in; don't forget the pursuit of quality while pursuing speed. Only by taking care of both can you meet the needs of the times. This is especially true in the scaffolding industry. Quality, efficiency and convenience are the goal we have been pursuing.

Kitsen Aluminum Tower Scaffolding is designed to eliminate all cumbersome parts, building as easy as toy bricks game to make it easier and faster to work. Whether internal or external decoration and maintenance work, it is a good choice which is manufactured with Robot Welding technology to offer you the utmost safety at different heights.

1. Reliable Quality: High Strength Aviation Aluminum structure for better durability and lighter weight. Manufactured and tested in compliance with BS EN 1004:2004 and Germany  TUV (GS) Certification .

2. Efficient: An aerial platform of 20m can be easily handled by two persons within a short time.

3. Convenient: Through the trap build method and spigot connecting mechanism for easy assembly and dismantling.

In addition, flexibility and diversity are its flashpoints. It can be made different combination in many ways to suit various project purposes.

All material and product design are consistent with the goals we have been pursuing. The use of this product greatly saves your working time and effectively ensures the safety of workers. It's definitely a good choice for you.

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