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Kitsen Deckform System - 2022/04/01 11:28:59

Kitsen’s Formwork system are widely known by most construction company overseas in the past 20 more years, and now, there is no doubt that Kitsen is stepping into a much brighter era.

- What is it?

-Deckform System is one of Kitsen’s slab formwork systems. With its superior quality, strong adaptability, speedy operation, it has been exported to many countries all over the world such as USA, Australia etc.

-Why is it?

#1. High efficiency: one worker can install 27㎡ per hour, and dismantle 54 ㎡ per hour;

#2. Light-weight & safety: Average 22-23kgs per ㎡ of the panel, one worker can handle 1.8*1.8m panel easily; Kitsen welding is certified by IIW (International Institute of Welding), guaranteeing you a safety product and safety construction;

#3. Flexible in solution: For any kind of structure we will provide suitable solution to meet your demand. No trouble, no worries;

Time is money, you spend money to buy good products & service, and then good products will make money for you.

Kitsen is desire to look for strategic partner like you, pls feel free to join us and let’s win the future together!

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