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KITSEN Attended Bauma Fair China 2018 - 2018/12/18 14:57:46

The second half of 2018 is an intensive period for KITSEN company to participate in different exhibition. From Guangxi Asean Expo held in September 14 to 17, to 124th Canton Fair held in October 15 to 19, till China Bauma held in November 27 to 30, we keep fighting for market in the 3 months continuously and exposure our brand KITSEN in the fair, through direct contact with new and old customers from all over the world, vigorously mining the market demand, and expanding business opportunities.

The three exhibitions were held successfully. Among all, the biennial Shanghai Bauma Fair was the largest one. The size of the booth reaches 100 square meters, and the main exhibits included the 3D early stripping system integrating the main and secondary steel beams, supports and aluminum formwork into a three-dimensional whole. The self-climbing system which is suitable for the safety protection for high-rise buildings; Aluminum house system with integrated pouring; Shoring props; FASTFORM slab formwork system and aluminum ringlock system. The overall design and layout of the booth reflects the high quality of KITSEN brand, which made KITSEN standing out among the more than 20 peers. And the quality, design and color of the exhibits reflected the texture of the brand products.

As a professional exhibition of scaffolding and formwork industry, Shanghai Bauma exhibition has attracted a large number of counterparts from home and abroad to visit. Southeast Asia accounts for the largest proportion, while Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines are the top priorities. Of all the exhibits on display, the highest rate of enquiries was for the self-climbing system, the aluminium formwork and the shoring props.

During the period, China Formwork and Scaffolding Association senior officer and the world-renowned formwork company China officer visited us, and made cooperated communication with each other.

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