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How to Finish the Slab Construction in a High Efficient and Cost Effective Way? - 2020/06/05 17:01:11

Are you concerned about how to finish the slab construction in a high efficient and cost effective way?

KITSEN Fastform will help to solve the problem. You might be curious to know what makes ours different or better. Let's check it out here.

IF formwork

KITSEN Fastform is an advanced aluminum panel-prop early-stripping slab formwork system which provides the solutions for the slab and the beam as well as the slab solution at the column place.

Beam-column scheme1

Beam-column scheme

Firstly, this system has a distinguished feature, that is early-stripping function. The structure of the early-stripping head is very simple, and it can be connected with the prop by only four nuts. Such a simple component can help the system to achieve early stripping function to finish one floor in 5 days if equipped with one floor of panels and three floors of props or to finish one floor in 7 days if equipped with one floor of panels and two floors of props, and it allows the slab panels to be removed within 36 hours. The props have to be left for 15 days supporting. So if your construction time is urgent, we strongly recommend you to choose one floor of panels and three floors of props, which can highly help to reduce the construction time and improve the construction efficiency. Saving time is saving money.

Early demolition

How to achieve cost effectiveness?

Second, this system could be installed ad dismantled very quickly. The average installation speed could reach 80m2~120m2 per day and the average dismantling speed is 160m2 per day with 4 people in a group, which greatly increases the speed of construction and 50% of the labor costs.

For example, if the total area of the project is around 1,000m², 4 people could finish the installation in 8 -13 days, and 8 people would finish the installation in 4-7 days. Compared with the wood formwork system, it takes 8 people to install 802~120m2formwork per day.

The assembly steps are as below, including five main steps:

Step 1-Assemble early-stripping head on to the steel props;

Step 2-Use truss to assist in the installation of the steel props;

Step 3-Hang the panel to the bracket on the head;

Step 4-Prop up the panel with panel tool;

Step 5-Erect the fourth steel prop to support the panel;

Step 6-Repeat the step 3, 4 and 5, continue doing the assembly.

Construction process

Third, there is less usage of tower crane, our Fastform panel frame is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6m it is very light in weight. There are 9 sizes of standard panels available, the largest one 1.8x1.2m panel is 31.12kg, and could be easily handled by two workers, so there is to say you have no need to pay for the cost of tower crane to lift up the panels.

Fourth, less maintain cost occurs in the construction site, as the intermediate stacking links of the turnover materials are reduced, and the formwork support is neat and standardized, and the amount of the vertical pole and the horizontal pole is less. There is staff access for the construction, which is beneficial to the civilized construction and site management, it is more suitable for narrow construction site. What's more, the aluminum profile is anti corrosion, after disassembling the panel, you just need to clean the cement off the surface of panel(aluminum frame and plywood), then apply formwork oil or rust-proof oil to the surface of the plywood. If the aluminum frame is found to be out of shape, it should be repaired and ensure normal use in the next time.

Work map1

Work map

Fifth, there is no need to do the plastering, after dismantling the formwork, the surface is very smooth, that is to say you have no need to pay the plastering cost.

Demoulding effect

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