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First Live Show on the 127th Canton Fair - 2020/06/30 11:29:12

As a old fan of Canton Fair participants,KITSEN has joined this event for more than 10 years consistently. This is the first time to have canton fair online,however,during this special period under corona virus situation,this is also a new try.

When will the canton fair be held

The canton fair was held on June15 to 24,2020.But KITSEN started preparing for it two months ago. Under the guidance of China Foreign Trade Center,various preparations are integrated,we will try our best to improve the visitors’ online experience.

How do we prepare for online canton fair?

1. Attend the online canton fair meeting. Our company combined with our own needs and characteristics of online exhibition,fully do the training work.

aluminum scaffolding

2. Upload enterprise information and exhibit information




Company information


Picture of company logo


Company profile


Company picture


Company video


Company VR show

Product information


Product introduction


Product picture


Product video

3. Prepare live content

Our company is divided into six groups,each group selects the main product and writes the product introduction. At the same time,the salesman will be in accordance with the different needs of customers,online answer product related questions.  Click here to review the live broadcast:

4. Live rehearsal

Practice in advance within each group to avoid forgetting words and making mistake.

aluminum formwork

5.      To invite buyers

Our sales representative will invite their customers in advance. Tell them how to register and share them our live link. When we start live show,customers can click on the link and watch it. In addition,we will post information in Facebook,whatsapp and LinkedIn to advertise.


This is the first time in the history of China to be held in the form of the Internet,enabling Chinese and foreign businessmen to place orders and do business without leaving home. In KITSEN, professional teams take turns to livestream, free from time and space restrictions,so that you can watch it anytime and anywhere. Base on customer needs,we provide more safe,high-quality and efficient products.

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