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How does KITSEN Guarantee Quality Control When Manufacturing Formwork and Scaffolding? - 2020/05/25 16:06:23

KITSEN is a leading manufacturer, located in Yangjiang, Guangdong, China, specializing in formwork and scaffolding products with superior quality. Established in 1995, KITSEN has owned three factories covering a total area of 300,000 square meters with the experience of more than 25 years. After 25 years of efforts and development, KITSEN has a powerful team comprising skills, experience and energy of more than 1000 workers, including 120 engineers, 30 quality inspectors, and 60 sales. Now our products not only are sold to Europe, Australia and North America, but also to Asia, South America and Africa. So far, we have hundreds of projects in domestic and overseas and own good reputation among our clients.


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Aluminum formwork

Are you worried about the quality of the purchased products?

Let's see how does KITSEN guarantee quality control when manufacturing formwork and scaffolding products.

We strictly follow the quality control from IQC, IPQC and FQC procedures, and then arrange the QC to check the quality from the incoming material to production to pre-shipment. Please see the flow chart of our quality control for details.

Formwork report3

Firstly, when the material arrives at our factory, our QC members will create an inspection plan after receiving the incoming inspection notice and finish the inspection within one working day, if it is an urgent order, the inspection will be finished within 2 hours. They will fill in an inspection report according to the inspection result, if the material pass the inspection, the material will be put in the warehouse, if the material fail the inspection, the material will be handled according to the non-conforming quality control process.

Secondly, when in the process of production, our QC members will follow the IPQC procedure to inspect every production procedure. The first article inspection will be finished within 5 hours, and the inspecting quantities must be no less than 5pcs, and the mass production will proceed after the first article inspection passed. The failed semi-finished products must be improved and then inspected again, and the conforming products will proceed to mass production. Our QC members will arrange the process inspection and final inspection during the mass production, if the semi-finished products fail the inspection, these products will be handled according to the non-conforming quality control process. And only the conforming products can be turned the sequence and warehousing.

Formwork quality inspection

Formwork report2

Thirdly, when receiving the shipment notice, our QC members will arrange the final inspection, they will check the relevant information and create sampling inspection. If the non-conforming products occurs, we will handle these products according to the non-conforming quality control process. Only the conforming products will be shipped out from our factory.

So hope that it could be of help for you to better understand how we guarantee the quality control. You have no need to worry about the quality issues if you buy from KITSEN. Is KITSEN your next choice?

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