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KITSEN aluminum prop – Support your project firmly! - 2020/05/27 18:17:32

Are you looking for a prop to support dead load of horizontal structure, formwork systems and construction load? Meanwhile, KITSEN aluminum prop it is efficient and high in quality. If yes, you just come to the right place! KITSEN aluminum prop is the best choice for you!

aluminum prop KITSEN

So why? The reasons are as follows.

1、Tested strength and safety of aluminum pillars.

KITSEN Foronwork

The test result shows high loading capacity. (F.O.S.=3:1)



Max loading capacity(kn)

KS 250 (1.55 – 2.53 m)



KS 350 (1.95 – 3.50 m)



KS 480 (2.60 – 4.80 m)



KS 625 (4.30 – 6.25 m)



Besides, stringent quality inspection systems are applied during production, to ensure the high quality and safety. For example, we will do the Penetration test and Macro Metallograph test after welding. As you can see from the below pictures, the test result shows the welding is very good.


Penetration test                                                                    Metallograph test

2、It is flexible for the quick adjustment with drift pin. Plus, we have various sizes and different loading capacity to suit your changing needs.

KITSEN aluminum prop

3、Aluminum pillars are highly efficient. It is light in weight with 6082-T6 aluminum material has no loose components; making assembled and disassemble easily and quickly. Moreover, high loading capacity requires less use of props. (Saving time and money)

So far, KITSEN aluminum prop is very popular among the world such as America, Canada, Germany, Australia and so on. Our factory is in mass production of this product. Now, let me show you some production photos in our workshop:

Aluminum Pillar Supplier KITSEN

Aluminum pillar manufacturer KITSEN

Do you want to know more or have a try? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for you!

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