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Visiting Customers in South Africa And Kazakhstan - 2018/10/15 12:45:54

In today’s era, most of the interactions with customers are occur via email, phone and social media. In this way, we can learn our customers’ needs and the foreign markets effectively. However, it’s still very necessary to visit our customers and do researches in the local market. Visiting will help to enhance customers’ trust, get more feedback, and further understand the construction market and product preferences. That’s why our sales representatives visited South Africa and Kazakhstan in August. The trips proved quite fruitful, which will help KITSEN open up new markets.

Our experienced sales representatives Ivy and Rex visited customers and did researches in South Africa construction market for 5 days. They had a tight schedule. During the trip, they visited 7 customers and potential customers in Johannesburg and Durban.

South Africa is a huge market. Although the country has serious currency devaluation and high unemployment rate problems, we still believe it’s a valuable potential market. During the trips, our colleagues learnt what concrete formwork, concrete wall forms panel, floor panel and supporting products local construction industry preferred. Their product preference is affected by the climate and their special environment. Ivy and Rex recommended the products according to the customers’ needs, and they were very interested in KITSEN aluminum fastform early-stripping slab formwork. Ivy and Rex quoted them right away. With the researches we’ve done in this market, we have confidence we will expand our market share there soon.

While on the trip of Kazakhstan, Jancy and Cindy went to the KazBuild 2018 in Almaty. In the exhibition, they got information of competitors there and product preference of the local construction market. Jancy and Cindy also met some potential customers in the exhibition. These customers are very interested in KITSEN system scaffolding products. Besides, Jancy and Cindy went to visit customers and some local construction sites. They learnt about the real market environment and product preference, which helps us to decide what kind of products to promote in the area.

The two business trips have strategic significance for us. The business trips have consolidated our relationship with our customers. And the researches and feedback have provided us first-hand information and resources of the two construction markets. KITSEN knows exactly what challenges to face and how to improve ourselves. In the future, we will arrange more business trips to do deep researches in more target markets.

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