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KITSEN 3D Early-stripping Forming System - 2018/09/15 16:35:45

If you visit our KITSEN garden plant, you will easily find there is a new eyes-catching view inside. A new KITSEN product sample system named 3D early-stripping forming system which is R&D by our KITSEN chairman Mr. Huang in 2017 is firmly displayed. This system has got National Invention Patent will be totally new in the scaffolding and formwork market and an upgraded smart system against traditional system.

The 3D early-stripping system is mainly made in steel material for beams and props and covered with plywood on slab, connecting with the aluminum formwork for wall and column. It provides overall solution for wall and column and slab concrete.

Comparing with the other systems, you will easily find key advantages and features as below:


  • To upgrade the wooden beam into steel main beam and sub beam and designed with open holes to reduce the weight of the beam and easy for carrying. With this smart and detailed design, it largely save the labor cost to lift material on job site and greatly improve the efficiency.
  • The beams design is flexible enough to adapt to different width distances of the beam.


  • This high-strength design helps can even meet the need of high rise support with extension legs. We have a recent project case goes to 12m high for podium building.
  • With early stripping head, this system required only 3 floors props and one floor beams and slab can finish the whole project. It largely saves the cost of material in long term.
  • The distance of the props can be flexibly adjusted to meet the need of loading capacity of slab. The max. thickness of concrete of slab can reach 150mm to 600mm accompanied with distance between props is from 1.8x1.8m to 1.2x0.9m.

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