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KITSEN Routine Inspection on Aluminum props - 2020/10/26 10:58:58

Are you interested to know how we inspect the aluminum props? For all of our products, we strictly follow the quality control from IQC, IPQC and FQC procedures, and then arrange the QC to check the quality from the incoming material to production to pre-shipment. The requirements of each products are different. Now I would like to show you in detail how we inspect the aluminum props.

Firstly, dimension inspection and product component coordination inspection. Easy but necessary .

aluminum props

Aluminum Slab Prop With Scaleplate

Secondly, loading capacity is the most important for the shoring, so we must test whether the capacity is qualified according to the relevant requirements.

Thirdly, welding quality plays a decisive role in products quality, so the inspection of weld seam is also crucial. For this, penetration test and macro metallographic test are required.

Weld penetration testing: The weld seam is not penetrated by the testing reagent, which indicates that the welding seam is intact and there are no defects.

Macroscopic metallographic testing: First cut the weld seam and then use acid to corrode it, observe the degree of corrosion, no cracks, and not penetration indicates the quality is qualified.

These are our routine inspection of aluminum props in our factory. We can assist if customers have other inspection requirements. Quality is Kitsen's culture. It's our primary task to provide all clients with high-quality products. Choose Kitsen, choose safety.

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