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KITSEN Fastform into the African continent - 2020/10/22 11:37:55

As one of Kitsen's most successful Formwork system - Fastform Slab Formwork system, in the past few years it has been stepped into many countries such as Thailand, Australia, America etc.

And now, it leaves its own footprints on far away African continent - Beautiful island, Mauritius.


Mauritius has very stable & well economy basis relying on the tourism, but in the construction area it also comes with rather strong inclusiveness & popularity. That's why Kitsen aims at this market and try hard to bring our star formwork system to this nation - and it proves right.


The Mauritius' project is a commercial building which occupied over 1000m2. It's not difficult to find out Fastform system is not only suitable for flat slab, but also suits to those complex structure like with beam & column structure.


With its high flexibility & efficiency, it can adapt to many kinds of structure and time guaranteed.


Gold will always glitter wherever it is. We truly believe Kitsen's products & service will shine and impress the world.

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