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KITSEN ALUMINUM FORMWORK - 2021/01/28 15:57:55
Aluminum formwork is an important technology of energy saving and resource reduction in the construction industry, which can improve the construction efficiency and engineering quality of housing construction. It has been widely applied in the current construction projects.

So what are the key features and advantages of aluminum formwork?
1, Long service life. The average life of aluminum panels can reach 300-500 times or more.
2, All the structure is made of aluminum alloy template assembly. The installation is completed, the formation of an overall framework are with good stability, high bearing capacity.

3. The integrated design of the top die and support system is realized, and the early disassembly technology is integrated into the roof support system, which greatly improves the turnover rate of the formwork.
4. Aluminum formwork tie rod is relatively few, with large field operation space, smooth personnel and convenient material handling, which greatly improves the efficiency of field management.

5. After the aluminum alloy formwork system is dismantled, the concrete surface quality is smooth and clean to achieve the effect of facing fair-faced concrete.
6, A wide range of applications, suitable for construction housing, infrastructure, channels and tunnels etc,.

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