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What Makes KITSEN Aluminum Scaffolding Tower Different? - 2020/12/21 17:03:02
You could find many aluminum scaffolding towers in the market. Why choose KITSEN Aluminum Scaffolding Tower? What makes KITSEN Aluminum Scaffolding Tower different or better?

KITSEN Aluminum Tower Scaffold is manufactured with Robot Welding technology in compliance with BS EN1004:2004 to meet different requirements at any heights for the construction maintenance and decoration.

Light Weight and Long Lifespan
KITSEN Aluminum Tower Scaffold is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6, light in weight, which can be handled easily by a single worker. Besides, aluminum is not easy to rust and corrode, which have a long lifespan for more than 10 years if you use the aluminum scaffold tower properly.

1-The safe working load of the scaffolding tower can be up to 1000kg (including the weight of the scaffold itself), and the safe working load of the platform is 272kg, which is very safe and stable.

2-Our castors are made of PU with the brake function. It is a heavy castor, which is very convenient for moving and working, and thus ensure the safety and stability.

3-Toe board is usually assembled at the top of the working platform, which is used for preventing workers and objectives from falling, and thus make sure the safety.

4-Wind-proof lock is adopted on the platform to prevent the platform from falling when there is the wind.

5-There is a window lock on the trapdoor platform, when the worker stands on the trapdoor platform, the window will automatically lock to prevent the workers from falling.

High Quality
1-We adopt robot welding to ensure all parts are with stable and great welding quality, we have around 30 units of robots for welding and 10 welders with qualification certificate to make sure high efficiency and stable welding quality. Our welding joint is very smooth and stable, which makes sure high welding quality. What’s more, our welding quality meets the standard of IIW 3834-2.

2-Our aluminum scaffolding towers are manufactured and tested in compliance with the standard of BS EN1004: 2004, and our products have passed the TUV test and got the TUV Certificate.

KITSEN aluminum scaffolding tower is widely used both at home and abroad, and enjoy a good reputation among our clients. Below are some project pictures around the world.

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