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Tips for Self-Climbing Platform installation and dismantling - 2021/03/30 15:32:37
Self-climbing Platform nowadays is widely applied to high-rise buildings. Thanks to its closed design, many security incidents are avoided. 

Here are some tips for SCP installation and dismantling:

1.Make a construction plan, such as assembling and dismantling procedure, before installation of SCP;

2.Safety and technical disclosures shall be conducted for workers.

3.Installation platform shall be set up with protective facilities for workers before the installing SCP, horizontal accuracy and bearing capacity shall meet the requirements.

4.The installation shall comply with the relevant regulations.

5.The installation of wall brackets shall comply with provisions, and unqualified bolts and connectors shall not be installed or used less.

6.Safety devices shall check eligibility; safety protection facilities shall be complete and meet requirements for design; firefighting facilities shall be set up.

7.Lifting devices, synchronization control system, fall prevention devices and other special equipments shall be manufactured in the same parameters.

8.Lifting devices, control systems and fall prevention devices shall adopt measures to rain, to defend dust palliative and damage.

9.Special inspection shall be conducted and passed before lifting SCP.

10.The lifting operation of SCP shall comply with the relevant regulations.

11.Unified instruction shall be carried out in the lifting process. Lifting instruction should be given by the chief commander; a stop instruction can be given by anyone if there is an abnormal situation.

12.Operating troubles, such as chain-twisting, shall be eliminated under strict monitoring, when the electric hoist is used as lifting power.

13.Operating troubles, such as leakage, voltage-absent, vibration of hydraulic devices, shall be eliminated when hydraulic device is used as lifting power.

14.SCP shall be fixed in time after lifting. Construction personnel shall not leave their posts or leave work without authorization before the completion of the platform fixing work.

15.Lifting operation is forbidden under severe weather, such as strong wind, heavy rain, thick foggy.

16.Reinforcement measures shall be taken if SCP is out of service for more than 3 months.

17.Inspection shall be conducted and if SCP is out of service for more than 1 month and suffer from strong wind with a speed more than 10.8 meters per second. 

18.The dismantling of SCP shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements of the special construction plan and safety operation rules.

19.Reliable measures shall be taken to prevent the fall of personnel and materials when SCP is dismantled,, and the dismantled materials shall not be thrown away.

20.Dismantling operations shall be carried out in the daytime and forbidden under severe weather, such as strong wind, heavy rain and thick foggy weather. 

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