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KITSEN New Slab Formwork System – ALUDECK, Like Arrow On The String - 2020/08/06 15:57:19

Slab Formwork System

Our clients should be very familiar with our KITSEN IF Fastform Slab Formwork System. With the advantages of fast, light and easy to handle, this system is applying in many new projects in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, American, Australia and Mauritius, etc. You can see this beautiful formwork system from small projects to top projects in your country and widely praised by the local contractors.


“This system is so fast and such easy to use. We searched KITSEN IF Fastform at YouTube and found out how to use it and finishing building the basement floor. I plan to use it at my following projects.” One of our clients in Philippines said after the formwork reached his jobsite.


However, we want to make this system simpler.


Our R&D team focuses on developing a whole new panel base on this system. We name it KITSEN ALUDECK Fastform Slab Formwork System. This is how the panel looks like:


What’s the difference between ALUDECK and IF system?


We change the plywood panel with the aluminum panel welding on the surface of the aluminum frame. In this way, we don’t have to worry about how to change the plywood panel any more. And this ALUDECK panel can be used more than 300 times at least with good maintenance makes this system more economic. The other components of ALUDECK system are still the same with the IF Fastform Slab Formwork System. Which means it can combined to use with the IF system.


KITSEN is always focusing on products developing. Integrated design and easier operation, much more reuse times is the key of this new system.


The final design of this new product has been completed and will be promoted to the market soon. Please remember its name – ALUDECK and look forward to it.

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