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KITSEN EASYFORM SYSTEM - 2023/09/27 11:10:43
Good news! Last month, KITSEN has completed the final shipment for State House project in South Sudan. For this State House project, KITSEN is mainly responsible for wall and column, and the area of EASYFORM system has reached 5000 square meters, not counting the part using our K100 Wall & Column system.

The advantages of using KITSEN EasyForm system are as follows:
1.Light weight (23-25Kg per square meter);
2.Good stability and high Loading capacity (50KN per square meters);
3.Wide application range (for wall, slab, column, beam, stair);
4.Modularly installation, easy to operate, and concrete structure forming precision;
5.Standardized construction, high turnover times, normal use can reach 500 times;
6.The construction date is short, 4-5 days on the first floor (24persons/2000m2); 
7.Environmental friendly (convenient for job-site management);
8.High recycling value (high residual value, over 30% higher than steel);
9.Concrete surface would be flat and smooth, which can save plastering time.

For the State House project in South Sudan, EasyForm system is mainly used for arc walls and round columns.

Arc Walls

(Photo reference for Arc Walls)

Round Columns

(Photo reference for Round Columns)

KITSEN is a company which has a strict requirements for the quality. From above photos, we can see that before shipment, KITSEN would install the products first in the factory, this process can check the quality of the products and the missing products, which also is a protection measure for customers in a way.

KITSEN EasyForm system is a mature system, and has been exported to many countries, like Cuba, Malaysia, Chile and so on. Welcome to inquire and use our EasyForm system!

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