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KITSEN Aluminum Ringlock Official SGS Testing in Malaysia - 2018-11-02

QUALITY is the culture of KITSEN. With this consciousness guiding, we keep doing different testing on our products based on the international standards with scientific methods.

On October 16th, 2018, our client did the SGS testing for KITSEN Aluminum Ringlock System in Malaysia which was carried out by Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM).  The main test item this time is Drop Tests for Platforms (EN 12810-2:2003 Annex B 8.4). The testing components and materials are mainly included as below:

Components Name
Standard post
Alloy Aluminum 6061-T6
Φ48.3x4mm, 2000mm in length
Horizontal brace
Alloy Aluminum 6061-T6
Φ48.3x3mm, 1000/2000mm in length
Diagonal brace
Alloy Aluminum 6061-T6
Φ48.3x2.5mm,1000/2000x2000mm in length
Alloy Aluminum 6061-T6
275x2000mm, thickness=2mm
Base collar
Alloy Aluminum 6061-T6

Inner tube : Φ48.3x4mm, 200mm in length

Outer tube: Φ50.8x4mm, 230mm in length

Base plate
Alloy Aluminum 6061-T6

The testing method include drop test on center of platform and side of platform. When the huge steel ball in weight of 100kgs dropped down from 2.5m high position on center, the aluminum platform stayed good and the horizontal brace didn’t get bended. While the steel ball drop to side of platform, the aluminum platform still stay same without too much deformation but the horizontal brace get bended after high strength impact. The test was successfully passed after 3 times test in the same method. We will definitely share the official SGS Testing Report once it is issued.

We are very glad to witness the testing course through video and photos on testing spot. Hereby we would like to share with you. For the other testing items, we will keep you updated in coming days.

Click to see the testing vedio:

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