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A Good Helper of High-rise Building - KITSEN Self-Climbing Platform - 2020/09/18 10:56:13

3/4time of 2020 flies away, school starts a new semester, KITSEN also receives good news from overseas project.

KITSEN have succeeded in building an oval-shaped Self-Climbing Platform in Cambodia. Another SCP project in Thailand is now on its way to higher floor.

an oval-shaped Self-Climbing Platform in

Whatever shape it is, either square or round, KITSEN offers you a satisfying solution.

 Self-Climbing System

Comparing with traditional scaffolding, KITSEN SCP is safer, more efficient and much greener.

l Enclosed working space prevents objects from falling;

l Made of nonflammable material, reducing fire accidents;

l Equipped with intelligent control system, automatic alarm and emergency shutdown for overload can be achieved;

l Be high efficiency, thank to auto-intelligent climbing achieves only half an hour for lifting one floor.

l Saving cost in material, as it is assembled in at least 4.5 floors for construction.


In order to provide our customers with better product experience, KITSEN adopts robot arms to weld SCP, which shows good welding effect.

Robotic arm welding scaffold 

So far, KITSEN SCP in stock is waiting for commencements of new projects.


Thank you for your precious time to read this article, we looking forward to cooperate with you and serve your project in the near futurn.



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