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2023 Sao Paulo Concrete Show | KITSEN - 2023/10/30 10:54:53
Brazil is the fastest recovering country in South America in the post-pandemic era. In the field of construction and infrastructure in Brazil, there is huge market potential. The Brazilian government rolled out several stimulus packages during the pandemic, including infrastructure projects to boost economic recovery and create jobs.

In the construction sector, Brazil's real estate market has been growing steadily. Despite the shock of the pandemic on the global economy, Brazil's real estate market has shown resilience. According to the Brazilian Real Estate Association, transactions in the Brazilian real estate market increased by 1.5% in 2020, reaching an all-time high. In addition, the Brazilian government plans to invest billions of dollars in infrastructure construction in the coming years, including roads, bridges, ports and airports.

In the field of infrastructure, Brazil has abundant natural resources and vast land area, which provides huge development space for infrastructure construction. Brazil, for example, is actively pursuing the North-South Expressway project, which will connect major cities in the south and north of the country, which is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs and boost regional economic development. Brazil is also investing more in renewable energy to meet the country's growing energy needs.

In short, with the gradual recovery of Brazil's economy and the government's emphasis on infrastructure construction, the country's construction and infrastructure sector will usher in more opportunities and challenges.

At the 2023 São Paulo Concrete Exhibition, KITSEN Company presented its building formwork system. These systems include the Easy formwork system, the K100 wall & column system, the fastform system and the shoring props, scaffolding frames.

The aluminum mold system is a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-install formwork system suitable for a variety of construction projects. The aluminium frame wall column formwork system is specially designed for wall columns, providing accurate dimensions and stable construction, making the construction process more efficient. The aluminum frame floor quick disassembly system is a kind of quick disassembly floor formwork, which greatly shortens the construction time. Finally, the support system includes support bars and scaffolding frames, providing the necessary stability and safety for the construction site.

These products of KITSEN Company were warmly welcomed at the exhibition, and many visitors appreciated their efficient construction performance and excellent quality. The success of this exhibition will undoubtedly further enhance the popularity and influence of KITSEN in the construction industry.

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