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How to Realize Early Stripping? - 2018-06-06 22:50:35

Early stripping formwork system is a fast formwork system which allows early stripping of the panels. Its working theory is: dismantle the panels and doesn’t remove the shoring system. After the concrete pouring, as the concrete dry, when the strength reaches 50% of the design requirements, and then can strip the slab panels and part of shoring. Only the concrete strength meets design requirements completely, and then can strip all the vertical shoring. KITSEN Easyform System adopts early stripping technology, it means that one project just needs one set of formwork and three layers of shoring. It can greatly reduce the use of materials and labor costs. And it follows the general theory” First installation and later dismantling, later installation and first dismantling”. Early stripping formwork technology can be applied to various types of construction.

There are nine steps to realize early stripping, and then we will show how to remove them with pictures:

The first step: Remove the wedge pins.

The second step: Remove the long insert pin.

The third step: Remove the integrated pin.

The fourth Step: Remove the pins inserted with beam and panels.

The fifth step: Remove the aluminum beam of one side.

The sixth step: Remove the panels matched with the removed aluminum beam (the fifth).

The seventh step: Repeat the about 5 actions, then the whole panel can be stripped off.

The eighth step: Remove the rest aluminum beam.

The ninth step: Only left the shoring.

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